About Us

Our work is currently led by a team of activists and artists based in Greater Manchester.

In 2020, Lankelly Chase devolved decision-making for the Greater Manchester Place strategy from inside the philanthropic institution to a small group of people from GM who had lived and learned experience of systems of oppression.

Now, in 2024, we’re taking a crucial step towards more decentralised decision-making and community organising by expanding the core team, to include several new Temporary Steward roles.

GMSC team photo feb 2024
Group picture of team meeting in Feb 2024
Island of Sanctuary

These are hyper-local anchor organisations/collectives weaving together and embodying profound shifts in how we turn up in the world. They have an energy all of their own and are the life force within their community. They are weaving together the threads of housing and land justice, food sovereignty, healing, governance, etc., in one place. They are nurturing alternative realities that may lead us towards collective liberation—not in a far-off emerging future—but here and now. 

Organising themes

There are specific themes that members of the GMSC community are working in, and organising around.


There are a few collectives amongst us rooted in practices of solidarity, and cross-organisational collaboration.


To notice, harvest and share the learning between us and communicate it out to those interested in the ‘so what and then what’ of grassroots movement building work.