ZIWO - Zimbabwe Women's Organisation

About ZIWO

In October 2006, five Zimbabwean women came together to set up ZIWO. The main purpose was to support Zimbabweans as a new emerging community in Manchester. ZIWO provided the family safety network support whilst transitioning into the British society. Initially, ZIWO provided cultural support to women going through the asylum system, advocating to stop deportation through campaigns. From 2008, ZIWO identified barriers experienced by women in securing employment because their qualifications were not recognised, and they lacked UK work experience. We widened our scope to include offering support to Zimbabwean women and children settled in the UK in response to their educational and employment needs.

What We Do:

  • Homework/Supplementary school support
  • Advice, advocacy, and campaigns
  • Zimbabwe culture and heritage
  • Human rights
  • Research and Consultations



Facebook: @ZIWO2006

Twitter: @WomenZiwo

 Email: [email protected]