Wraparound Partnership: Special Needs Mashup

About Wraparound Partnership


Wraparound was established as a social enterprise, in Greater Manchester, in 2014, to support families of children and young people with special needs, in a holistic way by supporting the family as a whole. Founded by Elizabeth Stanley a parent carer, of a now, 17 year old with complex needs and a special needs coordinator with 20 years experience, Wraparound has supported over 2000 families with a wide range of issues. Wraparound offers an independent key working role, where we build trusting and consistent relationships with families over a long time, thereby reducing the need for families to tell their story over and over again.

In conversation with marginalised women, mothers of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. There is the same probability of any parents having a child with special needs, what is not the same, is the ability to access and understand support systems, to source and fund assessments, whilst having the emotional and financial resourcefulness to navigate multiple services simultaneously. We aim to address this inequality and together find a path to a better way.

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