Wonderfully Made Women: Renew Your Mind

About Wonderfully Made Women

We provide holistic support for women and girls who have experienced significant adversity, helping them build their confidence and support network, so they can thrive.
We make sure women and girls are restored from any form of adversity they have experienced by helping and supporting them to improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing to live a healthy life.

About Renew Your Mind

This will be a safe space where women will be able to speak their mind, share ideas and talk about issues that affects them. We will be focusing on the stigma surrounding being a single mother in the African community, why they are been stigmatized, what we need to do to get support from other network, how to be bold and confident to live without fear or shame of being a single mum. They will learn new things, and a way to move forward in life. It will be a safe space online zoom meetings

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