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About Kids of Colour

Kids of Colour is a project for young people of colour aged 25 and under to explore ‘race’, identity and culture.

We create spaces for young people to feel supported, validated and celebrated, while also working to challenge the racism that affects young people and their communities; building collective resistance and solidarity.

We work across the communities of Greater Manchester, and are led by a small, part-time team.

Through our work, we:

Hold space where young people’s identities and experiences are seen, heard and validated

Center joy and celebration of our identities, cultures and histories

Create opportunities for young people and our wider community to connect, build relationships of friendship and peer support

Support and encourage solidarity across our communities’ identity intersections

Ensure young people and families feel that they are being fought for through our campaigning and advocacy

Challenge racism within our communities and society; including the education sector, youth sector and policing

Hold a belief in building a movement of collective anti-racist resistance. Our work is reflective and hopeful. It is grounded in care, a drive for change and a belief in and love for young people


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