K.I.N.G.S Foundation

KINGS Foundation


At Kings Foundation, we are working extremely hard to reduce knife crime and gang culture around the community in Moston as part of community development in Greater Manchester.

We created Kings Foundation to provide a tool kit for the BME African teen boys and young adults (aged 11-21) to empower them for the betterment of their lives thereby becoming a role model for the next generation. These young lads need help NOW because the future of this next generation of leaders are in these age categories.

We run workshops and social activities to break down gang barriers and help teach these young people the consequences and implications of knife crimes and being part of gang culture. We have engaged with users of the project, including families, who know the importance of what we are doing and aim to reduce knife crime in the area, as well as unifying the community. We have also engaged with 7 different families who also share the same worries and concerns on the rise of knife crime and gang grooming in Greater Manchester as a whole.

We believe with the support of everyone working together in achieving a common goal the sky will be our limit and then we can have a more friendly and homely environment.