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Our spaces and approaches embrace power with, rather than power over. We create empowering spaces that are participatory and equitable enabling women to discover that wisdom and wealth resides in them, that they can invent solutions. Women act to improve their own conditions, surrounded by like minded women. They try things out, co- create activity; share ideas and compassion. Expectations about participation increases as women begin taking control over their lives and recognise the value of their input in enabling others. Women become confident in sharing their skills; and reaching out to women who like themselves have known the negative impacts of poor health, isolation and loneliness. Women discovering their voices, women becoming visible, women changing because they are being seen and heard.

Inspire Women Oldham

Inspire women Oldham is a grass roots Women’s Organisation. We believe in collective participation, de-emphasising the role of traditional hierarchies. How we operate is important because it sends out a clear message that says “you can connect here, you can contribute here, you can learn here, you can re-discover the gifts, the assets you left behind when you began to see yourself only as a set of labels defined by others”. These connections and journeys of re-discovery have created incredible spaces from where women have begun to re-connect and grow. What the spaces create is flattened hierarchy; incredible diversity, joy, kindness, noise and laughter, and above all the removal of layers of disempowerment brought about by years of being defined only as a label, a person to be fixed. A passenger.

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