GM Narratives Lab!

Our vision within the GM Systems Changers team is to move from systems that perpetuate multiple and extreme forms of disadvantage to exploring how to heal, reimagine and renew systems so that all people can live with dignity and opportunity in supportive communities.

For this vision to become a reality, we believe that a job needs to be done in disrupting dominant extractive, reductive narratives and digital content. We have a hunch that you’re either doing this already or are up for learning how to do more of it and want to invite you to take part in an experiment with us, to see if and how we can do this in Greater Manchester

We’re really excited to be partnering with Culture Hack Labs and Whose Knowledge on this.

Culture Hack Labs is a distributed network of researchers, movement leaders, artists, communications strategists, and developers, that comes together to create campaigns that cut to the heart of dominant narratives and propel change.

Whose Knowledge? is a feminist, anti-colonial team of organisers and scholars at the intersections of open knowledge, technology, art and activism, that seeks to center the knowledges of marginalised communities (the majority of the world) online.

They will lead us through a 6 month programme where we learn how to ‘hack’ narratives and decolonize the web, i.e. collate what information is already on the web, identify what’s missing, and then generate different forms of knowledge and stories. We’ll also have access to the new Culture Hack Labs platform with tools to monitor and analyse data and semantic analysis on narratives.