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The submission window for this fund has now closed. We will be in touch with applicants soon  

Lankelly Chase (LC) has been working closely with various groups in Greater Manchester (GM) for several years now. From the organisations behind the Elephant Series such as Cles, Our Agency and Unlimited Potential, through to the likes of Justlife, LGBT Foundation and Rapar.

Most recently a smaller group of people from Greater Manchester and Lankelly Chase have come together to design a fund based on 4-5 months of listening to people locally, about where and how a fund might be useful whilst also connecting with Lankelly Chase’s vision and mission .

For reference, the vision is the creation of systems of justice, healing and liberation so that people currently subject to marginalisation can live with dignity and opportunity in supportive communities. The mission is to work with people to change systems that perpetuate extreme disadvantage and marginalisation.

People from across the Lankelly Chase network have also contributed their insights on the qualities of healthy systems and communities. They are called System Behaviours and you can find them here

Objectives of the fund

  1. To extend Lankelly Chase’s current reach to people and networks, we currently don’t have deep relationships with
  2. To connect with people who are interested in exploring ‘How do we change the systems that perpetuate severe and multiple disadvantage in Greater Manchester?’


Who is the fund for?

We believe there is an under-representation of marginalised women and young people in our Greater Manchester networks. With this in mind, we want to promote the fund within these communities first and will go primarily to communities of colour, but not exclusively.


What type of activity would we like to support?

Broadly, our vision is a collection of independent, safe spaces where people can come together to explore what it means to reveal → question → dismantle systems that perpetuate disadvantage or to explore how to heal → reimagine → renew systems so that all people can live with dignity and opportunity in supportive communities.

The focus is on the spaces themselves, and you can choose to focus on one or a combination of all of these parts – we trust that you will know what works best for yourselves. Our only ask is that these spaces are led by women and/or young people subject to marginalisation. These can be new or existing spaces. 

We also encourage you to connect with people from across different parts of the system but only when, and if you are ready. And if you do want more of an open space, then the invitation should always come from the women and young people. (This shifts power and means you can create safe spaces on your terms including who you invite in which may include as an example, men or people from statutory services.)

Charities, community groups, educational institutions, individuals, networks, partnerships or relevant statutory organisations which are led by marginalised women and/or young people can apply.

If you are an informal group and need to access fiscal hosting, then this might be a useful link:



Budget details

There is £250,000 in total available, and we would like to support about 30 projects.

Between £2,000 – £5,000 is available for smaller spaces.

Between £5,000 – £8,000 is available for larger spaces.

The grant is intended to cover any costs incurred in organising and hosting your spaces – such as catering, materials, staff capacity, tech or digital equipment and relevant data packages,  venue hire (if possible). It is intended to give you the freedom to act independently, and our capacity to provide further non-financial resources (e.g. staff time, promotional support, extra training, etc.) is limited.

There will only be a single grant-holder, and we expect any partnering organisations to agree to your shares as appropriate.


Communication and feedback

  • We ask that partners let us know what is happening and when.
  • We would love it if you could produce some kind of review material like a blog or short video blog of what you did in your spaces and to share any creative outputs like pictures, video, social media etc., with us.
  • There will be virtual monthly learning drop-ins between January and May where we can get to know each other a bit better, and people can share a little of what might be emerging in your spaces (if safe to do so).
  •  We will also ask for a follow-up conversation about what you learnt and any interesting results.
  • We will ask you to share honestly about what worked well and what didn’t as we appreciate (from personal experiences!) that sometimes things do not go according to plan, but it is important to learn from them.
  • We will arrange a learning event so that all the different partners can come together to gain a collective view on each project and to connect more broadly.



The application deadline is Sunday, 13th December 2020, and we will inform you of the decision by Monday, 11th January 2021.

The activity should run between January and May 2021.

Learning event in June 2021

During November and December, we think it might be useful to have some informal virtual drop-ins. We aim to be on hand in case you have any clarifying questions about the fund, such as what we mean by spaces or what additional support you might need to apply. Please drop us an email (on [email protected]) and we will send you the Zoom Link. 

Friday 13th November                 12pm – 1pm or 6pm – 7pm

Wednesday 18th November             12pm – 1pm or 6pm – 7pm

Monday 23rd November                   12pm – 1pm or 6pm – 7pm

Wednesday 2nd December               12pm – 1pm or 6pm – 7pm

Wednesday 9th December                12pm – 1pm or 6pm – 7pm


What we won’t fund

We aren’t the fund for you if: –

– You aren’t up for being part of a broader learning community who are inquiring into ‘How do we change the systems that perpetuate severe and multiple disadvantage in Greater Manchester?’

– If you don’t subscribe to a vision of the creation of systems of justice, healing and liberation, which enable currently marginalised citizens to live with dignity and opportunity in supportive communities.

– Where power isn’t shared amongst the group or where traditional forms of power are still in play.

– If women or young people subject to marginalisation aren’t leading the work.

– We won’t fund service delivery.


In the event of oversubscription, we will use the compass of:

  • The Lankelly Chase mission which is to change the systems which perpetuate severe and multiple disadvantage.
  • The system behaviours which reflect the qualities of healthy systems and communities.
  • We are hoping to reach people outside of our usual networks. Existing grant partners are welcome to submit proposals, but we will prioritise those who take conversations into new parts of Greater Manchester.
  • In the event of obvious crossover/duplication between different proposals, we will aim to resolve this on a case by case basis.
  • We reserve the right to undertake light-touch due diligence should this be necessary/appropriate.
  • Appropriate safeguarding measures should be undertaken when working with young people.


Application instructions

There is a simple online application form with about 10 questions – with a limited word count – asking about your ideas on the types of spaces you’d like to hold.

If you would rather apply using a word document please email your response to [email protected]. The same limited word count applies.

We are also happy to receive short videos. Please answer the same questions with the same limited word count as on the form and email us at [email protected]


If you have any questions, feel free to email us [email protected].
Or come meet us at one of the weekly drop-ins.

Thanks in advance for your efforts. It is very much appreciated.


The submission window for this fund has now closed