Our mission is to work with people to change systems that perpetuate severe and multiple disadvantage in Greater Manchester


question the current systems and reveal whats underneath


dismantle the systems that perpetuate disadvantage


reimagine systems rooted in justice, healing and liberation


renewal emerges from healing and nurturing systems

Greater Manchester Systems Changers

For us, changing systems that perpetuate ‘severe and, multiple disadvantage’ means firstly, the way severe social harms (such as homelessness, mental ill-health, violence and abuse and substance misuse) cluster in the lives of some people and secondly, the contribution various systems make to this dynamic.

We think outcomes emerge from the actions of whole systems – not just the work of particular organisations or initiatives. We, therefore, work to support the health of whole systems and do this by promoting, spreading, and testing a set of ‘system behaviours’ which we think sum up what ‘healthier’ systems look like.

There is no blueprint for how to do this, so we work with an ‘action inquiry’ mindset, starting from the question: ‘How do we change the systems that perpetuate severe and multiple disadvantage in Manchester?’