Our mission is to support grassroots communities to resist systems of oppression and exploitation, and nurture alternative realities rooted in healing, justice and liberation.


question and reveal why systems of oppression work like they do.


dismantle systems of oppression rooted in extraction, domination and separation.


reimage alternative realities rooted in compassion, interconnectedness, solidarity and revolution.


regeneration is our practice emerging from collective liberation.

Greater Manchester Systems Changers

We’ve shifted from place-based systems change to a grassroots movement-building strategy. 

Funding action that reveals → dismantles →reimagines → regenerates → heals ourselves and ecosystems.

Funding and distributing resources to communities led by working-class women and young people, most of whom are led by people of colour. 

Nurturing critical connections between each other and supporting a critical mass of grassroots communities doing the work of solidarity and liberation.

Our longer-term vision is to explore whether there is enough energy between us to become a self-reliant, organised, and governing collective because we know that we are more powerful together than the current system of separation and domination.


News and Updates