Our mission is to challenge injustice and create the conditions for much healthier systems to emerge in Greater Manchester.


question the current systems and reveal whats underneath


dismantle the systems that perpetuate disadvantage


reimagine systems rooted in justice, healing and liberation


renewal emerges from healing and nurturing systems

Greater Manchester Systems Changers

We connect, support or fund organisations and networks that are seeking to disrupt patterns or help new patterns that contribute to a world healed by justice, equity and inclusion.

We feel that ‘just outcomes’ are more likely to result from ‘just processes’ such as systems thinking, co-creation, conflict resolution and community empowerment.

We will support work that unites all those who can contribute to change from people with direct experience, policymakers, journalists and activists.

We are pushing ourselves to model the change we want to see, because we are all part of the systems we want to change.

We support action that reveals → questions → dismantles → heals → reimagines → transforms systems..