About the Greater Manchester Place Team:

The Greater Manchester (GM) place team is made up of local activists, disrupters and members from Lankelly Chase.

Our aims for the last two years were: – 

  • To liberate/distribute resources to under-resourced people in communities, organisations, and networks, challenging injustice and creating the conditions for healthier systems to emerge. 
  • To continue to centre working-class women and young people of colour but not exclusively.
  • To support critical connections between changemakers who want to, know how to and are free to contribute towards a Greater Manchester liberated by healing, justice, and equity.
  • To resource spaces and infrastructure for us to be in community together.
  • To learn alongside and from each other.

We are still working out our objectives for the year, but some initial thoughts are that we really are focusing on these aims:-

  1. To create spaces where the community reimagines the infrastructure required to support our individual and collective ‘path to liberation’ 
  2. To transform ourselves into a self-organising community 
  3. To resource the healing of each other and the communities we support and belong to.
  4. To learn alongside and from each other and spread this learning.