Communications Strategy Role - GMSC

Greater Manchester Systems Changers is looking for someone to hold the Communications Strategy Role. 

Lankelly Chase has been involved in Greater Manchester place-based work since 2015. More recently, in 2020, a critical decision was made to devolve decision-making over strategy and resources to people locally, where Lankelly Chase is still present but in the minority.

The core team – otherwise known as GM Systems Changers – have lived and learned experience of systems of oppression. We are also members of active communities working at the intersection of class, climate, economic, gender, racial and social justice in GM and beyond. This core group have deep connections to local communities and grassroots collectives who are themselves subject to marginalisation by a violent and oppressive system. This core group is also temporary.

We are all to some degree in denial of the systemic violence, unsustainability, entanglement, and magnitude of the interlocking crises humanity currently face under a neo liberal, patriarchal, colonial dominant world view. And yet, there are so many of us who are deeply committed to transitioning to a different future. A future where humans and more than humans can thrive in connection with each other and the planet.  Place-based work reflects all these messy and complex denials. It also reveals that the future or alternate reality we want is already here and what we need to grow this reality exists between us.  We need a communications strategy that understands and speaks to these realities whilst also shining a light on where and how change might be happening.

For more information about this role and how to apply please download the PDF : COMMS Role October 2022

Please send a full CV and portfolio of work to [email protected] before the 30th of November