The Roots Collective: Greater Manchester Youth Shifting the System

About The Roots Collective

Are you enraged by the racial injustice that sparked Black Lives Matter? Do you want to live in a society where nobody has to say #MeToo again? Maybe you’re inspired by Greta Thunberg and her commitment to saving the planet. Or perhaps you’re simply proud to be Mancunian. We are looking for young visionaries aged 14-17 living in Greater Manchester to form The Roots Collective. Over three days, the group will work alongside influential figures in the region to create a shared vision for a better future.


The Roots Programme is a new initiative that believes our society benefits when we bring people with different lived experiences together in an authentic and meaningful way. The premise is simple. We take people from different walks of life and have them meet and debate matters that affect us all. We will unite them, building understanding and respect around their differences and, more importantly, their similarities.

If you want to get involved please feel free to contact us: [email protected] and find out more at our website here:

Twitter: @ProgrammeRoots