NESTAC: Sip and Spill


NESTAC works to empower the disadvantaged population within the Black and Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities, particularly refugees, asylum seekers and other immigrants from the new emerging communities in Greater Manchester. Our projects work to promote social integration, youth engagement initiatives, equality, diversity and human rights of BAME families, with an emphasis on BAME women and young girls who have been victims of Gender-Based Violence. We have built the reputation of successfully engaging and supporting the most vulnerable and disadvantaged migrant families in Greater Manchester.

Sip and Spill is a safe interactive hub that brings together young girls between the ages of 16-25 from specifically BAME backgrounds, who can participate in controversial discussions relevant in today’s society. The sessions will take the form of weekly video podcasts where participants can communicate, exchange their views drawing on their personal experiences. The aim is for participants to analyse and discuss the current system in relation with the issues raised, so that they can contribute to influence change for other young girls in the same situation, and become part of a world that they would like to live in. ‘This is all done within the comfort of your home, with a hot beverage and your favorite

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