About 84Youth

84Youth uses their SPACE to explore and reveal current stereotypes of young Black people around the ‘gang’ narrative, questioning this through exploratory workshops and finding ways of dismantling current systemic views by promotion of positive work and images.

Young people from our community have PTSD from witnessing violence. There is little in place to address this. The organisation wants to imagine a new way of healing individually and as a community. We need space to renew and move forward with a programme of immediate support following traumatic events.

84YOUTH believes that most youth issues manifest due to societal structures, which in turn create social issues. Youth issues can therefore be seen as a problematic response to these societal structures of inequality. They aim to resolve these in a youth directed way and encourage other young people to find new ways of seeing themselves and their place in the world to overcome issues and create new ways of ‘being’.


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Contact: [email protected] or via their social media