The Roots Young Leaders Forum

About The Roots Programme

The Roots Programme is a new initiative that believes our society benefits when we bring people with different lived experiences together in an authentic and meaningful way. The premise is simple. We take people from different walks of life and have them meet and debate matters that affect us all. We will unite them, building understanding and respect around their differences and, more importantly, their similarities.

The Roots Young Leaders Forum is a collaborative workshop series where 12 to 16 year-olds from different socio-economic backgrounds come together from across Greater Manchester to reimagine the future of the UK. They will generate solutions from their own combined lived-experiences, to address some of the biggest social, political and economic challenges in Britain today. The aim of this forum is to facilitate discussion across lines of division, support a rare, cooperative learning opportunity and nurture a group of fierce critical thinkers who value diversity, debate and political participation.

If you want to get involved please feel free to contact us: and find out more at our website here:

Twitter: @ProgrammeRoots